AI-based GIS platform and provides precise statistics.
Agriculture and Farming
SmartMaps helps agriculture companies and farmers maximize yield with weather and geospatial data to detect variability in soil and crop conditions. SmartMaps provides valuable insights to help predict and decrease CO2 emissions.
Oil & Gas
SmartMaps provides an efficient and effective real time platform for analyzing, visualizing, and integrating massive volumes of exploration data —from basin, play, prospect, and reservoir studies to block and lease analysis and scenario planning for upstream business. SmartMaps unifies diverse data and enables Oil & Gas companies to perform quantitative and repeatable analysis for consistent investment decisions.
To stay agile, Oil & Gas companies must know what is happening and where — in real time. Midstream digitalization combines current engineering, business, and location data in a single real time 3D environment, giving customers a new level of end-to-end operational awareness and analysis.
High-quality geospatial data and synthetic environment is critical to realizing the vision of safe autonomous vehicles. SmartMaps helps automotive and aerospace industries train their own neural networks for autonomous vehicles in synthetic environments or enrich their existing navigation data to improve safety and customer experience.
Transport and Logistics
AI powered analysis of high-resolution satellite imagery provides up-to-date, geographically relevant and accurate information needed to unlock new possibilities for integrating location into business intelligence on a global scale. SmartMaps uses historical data and becomes like a time machine providing the accurate analytical information with prediction models for every size of business.
Consumer Mapping
With multisource geospatial intelligence and artificial intelligence based platform, SmartMaps helps customers detect change and find new opportunities first. SmartMaps helps strengthen competitive advantages and inform energy trading and business decisions with the most up-to-date insight.
SmartMaps is a powerful platform that allows urban planners to create digital models of urban environments and work in cooperation with architects and construction companies in real time and helps Governments to approach the new level of cities digital transformation.
Urban Planning
SmartMaps allows the automotive, aerospace, maritime and defense sectors to improve their capabilities using the real time 3D Platform for staff training and even training the neural networks for inhouse AI solutions.
SmartMaps delivers advanced technology solutions to help partners monitor deforestation and logging activity at a nationwide scale, providing the AI's based online platform to detect and predict selective logging, clear cuts and forest degradation in real time and future.
Architecture, Engineering, and Construction
A digital twin is a virtual representation of the real world including physical objects, processes, relationships, and behaviors. SmartMaps creates digital twins of the constructions, natural, and built environment and uniquely integrates many types of digital models directly from architects and engineers. The integration of digital twins provides an environment where project professionals and stakeholders can collaborate across the entire life cycle, leading to a more predictable outcome.
SmartMaps mobile platform provides complete, near real-time forecasts and data in 3D to help Meteorologists, Disaster Response team, FireFighters, and community to mitigate risks and make timely decisions.
Weather Services and Disaster Response
Rapid urbanization is both an opportunity and a challenge for Telecommunication companies. SmartMaps offers on-demand access to fresh geodata and scalable change detection directly from our mobile application.
Use cases
Customers: autonomous vehicles developers.
Artificial intelligence training in a synthetic environment using Synapsys and SynTerra toolset.
Customers: transport and logistics companies.
Car traffic and flight traffic prediction system using SynFlightTraffic and Synapsys.
Customers: transport and logistics companies.
Digital Earth Model for physical based simulations and nature disasters prediction using Synthetic Environment Settings, Synapsys, and SynTerra toolset.
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